London Islamic book Fair 2016

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London Islamic Book Fair 2016, invited you too.
Next 19, 20 and 21 November 2016 Sat, sun and Monday in London like pañcamabārēra dinabyāpī 3 BE HELD IN LONDON ISLAMIC BOOK FAIR ' 2016. Daily from 10 am to 7 PM . ' till a good book to read, with this increased the east London at the London Muslim centre Islamic book fair will be held in this ba'imēlāẏa. Anuṣṭhitabya in Dhaka and Calcutta from the popular Islamic book published by the signs will be in the gallery. Book Publisher, and the book and the London with many well known author, poet Join Sāhityika'ō Fair, will say: ' hope. Islamic book fair book ' will be a great addition to a samārōha mananaśīla literary magazine, published poem, reading room, author chat and Islamic kyāli'ōgrāphi karṇāra.
London Islamic Book Fair 2016 preparing for on behalf of the committee of this mēlākē overall successful for all of the book to the reader, publisher, book and book sellers anurāgīsaha apply with regards to one and all have been informed. Limited number of sṭala as before, before, and actually find bukasṭala barād'dha basis will be given . Fair sponsor for the shoutout, sṭala nim'mōkta address and requested to contact Mr Zaheer. Mela Implementation Committee of the temporary office unit-3.21, 65 White Chapel Road, London,



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