Hidden Horror Movie Details Almost No One Notices

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Our favorite horror movies often have more going on than just a bunch of monsters preying on ill-fated teenagers. Directors occasionally offer nods to other entries in the genre, sometimes in the form of a fourth-wall-breaking Easter egg. Keep a silver bullet and some holy water handy, because these are some of the best hidden details in horror movies...

Shaun and George - Shaun of the Dead | 0:17
King Kong vs. Sumatran rat monkey - King Kong | 1:31
Teasing The Dark Tower - The Mist | 2:06
Bad dog - The Thing | 2:28
A Psycho on Halloween - Halloween H20: 20 Years Later | 3:16
With great power... - Multiple Sam Raimi movies | 3:52
Raimi versus Craven | 4:25
Talking Heads - Re-Animator | 5:08

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