How to Decoupage Furniture with Fabric

patioelf 5 years ago 9 minutes, 21 seconds

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Acrylic paint, some Envirotex Pour On and some pretty fabric, and you can up cycle some lovely pieces of furniture. You can do this process of decoupage fabric onto Furniture on any piece of wood following these instructions. Follow my step by step instructions to see what steps to take and what supplies you'll need. I had several technical glitches along the way, so near the end of the video, you'll see comment instructions on your screen rather than hear me. I apologize. I have a new camera and I accidentally turned off my speaker. Who knew you could do that?
How to decoupage fabric onto furniture! Recycle, upcycle, repurpose! Or the next time you're at a flea market or garage sale and see an interesting but beat up piece of furniture, you will know what to do with it!
Here's a link to my website, and the link for where to purchase the Envirotex "Pour On"!.aspx